Rainy Day, Come and Stay

Rainy days. rainy days,
I will not ask you to go away,
in fact I ask and I beg,
to please come and stay,
instead of visiting another day.
These days are made for warm tea and coffee,
a good day for a soft symphony,
to relax in bed,
or to find a good covering for your head,
as you dash quickly to where it's warm,
from the scattering storm.
I dripping melody,
with the occasional boom,
of the sky's drum,
a bath, a shower for the Earth,
natural luxury.
A much needed cleansing,
for the ground we walk on,
needs relief, needs a drink,
and always a heavenly blessing.

Life in a Storm

A place to dive into a mixture of reality and fantasy, real life and fiction, for the moments when you need to curl up with a good story, and the moments when you need to come back down to Earth.

A gentle and calming rainstorm, a loud and powerful thunderstorm, and a splash of color when the rainbow finally comes.

Join me in the dramatic black and white reality and the fun colorful moments too, this is a Life in a Storm.