She Dances

She dances, like the trees swaying in the wind, she dances. Like the leaves twirling as they fall, she dances. Like a flowing river, she dances. Like rapid waterfalls, she dances. Like the tidal waves in the ocean, she dances. Like the wind that blows through your hair, she dances. Like the rain that drips... Continue Reading →

Intertwined, for a Moment in Time

And for a moment in time His bed became mine And we lingered And we were temporarily intertwined This feeling I had, it was completely divine Oh how I never wanted this moment to end The mixture of us, was my favorite blend Because together we fit Together feels good And this feeling stays deep... Continue Reading →

An Ode to a Soulmate

These feelings I have are they wrong? I hope not, cause these are feelings I've had for too long. It's too late to turn back, the way you make me feel, you take the things I lack and turn them into beautiful imperfections. Things that I can learn from, I can take a lesson. The... Continue Reading →

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