A Little Bit Of Everything

Some days I'm super neat,
and some days I make a  mess.
Some days I just feel cursed,
but most days I know I'm blessed.
Some days I let it all hang out,
and some days I wear I mask.
Some days I just sit and read,
and some days I move and dance.

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
I'm grounded to the Earth,
but my mind and heart is in the air.

This puzzle that I am,
hasn't quite got it all figured out,
but I continue to play,
so I'll know what life's all about.

There are days I regretted my birth,
and days I wished, to fly away from Earth,
but freedom comes from within,
and in the end, I know who will win.

So I take the bad with the good,
even when I feel misunderstood,
knowing this story called life,
ends in a winning fight,
and this ultimately lets me know,
everything will be alright.

Deny The Lie

Deny the lie, 
that this your reality.                   
Deny the lie, 
that you can't be, absolutely,
anything you want to be.
Deny the lie, 
that you're stuck.
Deny the lie, 
that you have bad luck.
Deny the lie, 
that you'll always be broke,
or that your life is one big joke.
Deny the lie, 
that you can't be happy.
Deny the lie, 
that you can't be free,
because you have the power within you,
to deny the pain that has been laid on you,
and embrace and pursue,
a new point of view.
A life that you can start anew.
You are unlimited and infinite,
as long as you never quit.
Believe and receive,
and you shall achieve.
So deny the lie,
of what you can and can't do
and of who you can and can't be,
let it go,
and you shall be free.