Seeing Through The Filter

Telling me, that my deep observation, of the darkness in the world around me, is what makes me sick... what a laugh, it's been my own life that has me sick, and wondering why, I even exist. Like telling me I asked to be hurt, and what's worse, is you believe that it's true, just... Continue Reading →

Emotion Hoarder

If there's a shell let me hide This feeling I can't describe I gave to get And instead I got to give I traded one for another I find pieces of beauty and laughter And stash them in my closet I save them for a rainy day An emotion hoarder, That's what I am A... Continue Reading →

Monsters in the Dark

Scary stories, monsters, creeps, darkness all aroundIn entertainment, we set aside an occasionto scare ourselves into devastation but the real monsters do not live in horror movies and darkness isn't just for scary storiesMonsters can live everyday in daylightand darkness can linger and lurk in sunlightSo why do we engage in creepy tales, fantasies and... Continue Reading →

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