Emotion Hoarder

If there’s a shell let me hide
This feeling I can’t describe
I gave to get
And instead I got to give
I traded one for another
I find pieces of beauty and laughter
And stash them in my closet
I save them for a rainy day
An emotion hoarder,
That’s what I am
A beautiful shell is only beautiful if it stays intact and doesn’t fill with dirt
I was born into a beautiful shell
And dirt got thrown in
Cracks turned into broken pieces
I try to hide deeper inside but the cracks expose me every time.
I’m afraid I slowly lose the concept of repair
But here I go, with the ugly duct tape on this broken shell
I need a place to store my emotions
For this emotion hoarder

Life in a Storm

A place to dive into a mixture of reality and fantasy, real life and fiction, for the moments when you need to curl up with a good story, and the moments when you need to come back down to Earth.

A gentle and calming rainstorm, a loud and powerful thunderstorm, and a splash of color when the rainbow finally comes.

Join me in the dramatic black and white reality and the fun colorful moments too, this is a Life in a Storm.