Dream Body

Some days I wish, I did not have to return from my dreams, That I could stay there. where my body does not control my life, and I can move freely. Where I am not an extension of those around me, but instead a lone soul, that can breathe and fly free. A place where... Continue Reading →

You See Right Through Me

Even when I laugh or fall in love You think it's about you Like I'm happy or able to love Outside of you But all I was doing was filling the void With unconditional love To replace the hurt I've always felt so alone But you say that's not true I was never alone So... Continue Reading →

Intertwined, for a Moment in Time

And for a moment in time His bed became mine And we lingered And we were temporarily intertwined This feeling I had, it was completely divine Oh how I never wanted this moment to end The mixture of us, was my favorite blend Because together we fit Together feels good And this feeling stays deep... Continue Reading →

Emotion Hoarder

If there's a shell let me hide This feeling I can't describe I gave to get And instead I got to give I traded one for another I find pieces of beauty and laughter And stash them in my closet I save them for a rainy day An emotion hoarder, That's what I am A... Continue Reading →

Falling Out of Obsession, and Into Love

This short story idea was provided by a prompt from Reedsy.com  called  Write a story about a character obsessed with one of the long-dead “greats” in their profession....  In honor of National Story-Telling Week, here's my first published short story. Her name was Marie Topaz and there wasn't a single photo of her that existed... Continue Reading →

An Ode to a Soulmate

These feelings I have are they wrong? I hope not, cause these are feelings I've had for too long. It's too late to turn back, the way you make me feel, you take the things I lack and turn them into beautiful imperfections. Things that I can learn from, I can take a lesson. The... Continue Reading →

Missing Yesterday

Do you ever miss someone so much that you get angry at them? Like how dare you live so far away, and how dare you live your life without letting me have a moment of your time. How dare you make me wait on a phone call or a text, how dare you be so... Continue Reading →

"You have two options in life, either spread love and positivity or continue the cycle of hate and negativity. Choose wisely because you never know who you're influencing."Life in a Storm

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