Season Of Love

You call it fallI call it falling for youThey call it pumpkin seasonAnd I just call you pumpkinEveryone gets excited for hayrides and fair rides And I'm excited just to take another ride with youThe trees turn colors, yellow, red and orange.Every time a red leaf falls, I imagine my heart falling for you more... Continue Reading →

"Music is a wonderful thing, because while you can always land safely back on the tunes that make you feel comfortable and happy, you can always discover something new right around a corner."Life in a Storm

Body of Love

Marilyn Monroe, known to be one of the biggest sex symbols, had curves, had a belly, would practically spill out of her bathing suits, was not afraid to show off her body, was not a size zero and stated that imperfection is beauty. Because of this, many people have been encouraged to not feel so... Continue Reading →

Late Night Laughs

It's late night, sleep calls my name but still I sit with eyes wide open.It's difficult to drift off with ideas floating all around.It's difficult to drift off when you've waited so long for silence.I keep myself feeling alive by making myself laughlistening to humor, listening to the brighter sides of life.To make someone smile... Continue Reading →

Life in a Storm

A place to dive into a mixture of reality and fantasy, real life and fiction, for the moments when you need to curl up with a good story, and the moments when you need to come back down to Earth. A gentle and calming rainstorm, a loud and powerful thunderstorm, and a splash of color... Continue Reading →

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