Why are you always on my mind,
like all the time?
When I can barely find the time,
to even pick up a text,
make a call,
find out what's next,
and how your day went.
I'm bad with talking, I know,
I try, but when I go for it,
the words get scrambled,
and my brain becomes scattered,
and I get overwhelmed,
by the words I want to say, need to say,
and what I need to reflect on.
So when it all piles up...
I shove it aside,
then I run away and hide,
kinda like how I throw a blanket over the laundry on my bed,
is the same way I throw a blanket over the thoughts piling up in my head.
But believe me when I say,
you're in my mind, heart and deepest thoughts,
every day.
Sometimes you even make it to my dreams,
where even when my spirit is lingering in another reality,
there you are cause you're important to me,
no matter what phase of life I'm in.
I'm sorry for being so distant.
Just know that it's my body that yanks me away,
but in my heart, you're here to stay.

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