Intrusion, a short film

Energy Lives Infinite Media Enterprises (ELIME) presents “Intrusion”, a short film about a guy named Louie who’s down on his luck and finds himself faced with stressful, painful and even dangerous situations all while trying to handle his own inner voices and find his inner strength.

I like this film because we can all relate to the feelings we see Louie go through moment to moment while balancing daily life.
At some point in each of our lives we’ll be faced with adversities and stressors that will cause us to question ourselves and also force us to make very important decisions for our future and well being. Intrusion really displays these issues spot on!
On top of that, the quality and the soundtrack is superb and the entire cast had great chemistry.

Truly a work of art!

If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing this remarkable film, pop you some popcorn, relax and click the link below! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe as well! Happy watching!

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