I’ve been M.I.A. recently, daily life has been a hamster wheel of never ending spinning and I’m over here trying to catch up and catch my breath.

Writing is super important to me so my heart and mind has been on getting back to it ASAP.

Meanwhile I’m not only keeping my head above water, but also working on new things as well. There will definitely be more content and consistent content on the way so hang in there, and in the mean time, here’s another poem to express the craving of coming back to this.


Sitting here feeling so inspired,
yet still, feeling oh so tired.
The ideas at the tip of my tongue,
knowing how it will end,
but haven't even begun.
One step away,
still feels too far today,
and wishing on a star,
for a lazy weekend getaway,
a restart, a reboot,
to clear this troubled mind and continue.
So today, for now,
I have managed to pull it together,
meditating on how,
I can move forward and make it better.
Let these words be a temporary comfort and guide,
during the tough times,
when you need a place to hide,
and dive into thought provoking words,
so that for a small moment, 
your heart has been heard.

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