Physical Contentment

There are times when I don't feel like me, 
like I'm trapped in someone else's body,
and what is this? 
What is this feeling
of misery,
when all I want to feel is at ease,
and the cool breeze,
that flying free brings.
Why does the body cause confinement?
Why do we struggle for physical contentment?
I like to dance,
but my feet hold still,
my legs hold me in one place,
against my will.
My gut tells me what to do, tells me how to feel,
it's a pain in the neck, but I'm thankful still.
But why does this vessel ache?
Why does it feel like it wants to break?
After all, 
isn't it supposed to catch me fall?
Still I must honor it,
for it's my closest friend,
and the only one that will be with me, 
until the very end.

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