Nostalgia, Warmth, Home

I can feel the heat on my skin,
I can hear the music so sweet, upbeat and happy,
the trees, the palms,
the water, up to my knees.
The orange of the sky,
when the sun shines, rises and sets,
a feeling of nostalgia,
warmth, it's home, and there's no regret.
They tell you the place and people aren't fit,
but you don't care,
you can feel it,
the peace of a dream,
warmth, hope, home,
there's always something to get into and try,
life won't pass you by,
no not here,
it's too good,
a group of misfits that just won't quit,
because that feeling, 
you gotta have it,
and when I'm not there, 
I'm dreaming,
cause I'd be safe and warm,
if I was back home .

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