Daily Thoughts, Too Busy To Care


I think the problem with mental health acknowledgment isn’t just about people deliberately shoving it aside like it’s nothing, I think most people don’t have the energy or the time to even attempt to acknowledge the person sitting next to them saying there’s something wrong, so they choose to ignore it because it’s easier.

I think the amount of people in the world that are stressed, depressed or anxious definitely outweigh the amount of people in the world that are genuinely happy with their day to day lives. So that makes all of us who are dealing with these issues the majority, and therefore we’re all putting up shields to each other’s issues because we’re so overloaded with our own and it’s exhausting to deal with our own lives, let alone the lives of others around us.

If two people were standing side by side, both with the intention of not moving forward in life, who influences who and who reaches out to who or do they ignore what they’re seeing to their left or right? Do they confide in each other and try to give each other hope or do they push each other in the hopeless direction since they’re both stuck in a rut? Does each one care enough to prevent the other from going through the same pain or do they not care enough about life in general to stop anything at all?

Similar issues should bring unity but instead it can sometimes also push us from each other. No, I already have my own baggage, I simply can not deal with yours. No, we must clean up our own baggage completely alone before we can actually mingle or care about each other. Wait until your load is a little lighter and then I’ll lend a helping hand.

But what if some people’s baggage is pulling them so far down that they can’t get up? What if that’s us? What if it’s our neighbor? What do we do?
These questions alone are stressful but still necessary to consider nonetheless.

I think it boils down to living in a fast paced world these days, no one even has the time to look to the left or the right, no one has time to settle down and try to fix the issue so they push past it. We have built a society that praises the idea of working to the bone and always having the best and quickest service available to customers and gadgets that save time so we can go, go, go to the point where life has become one big blur of over stimulation.

And if we weren’t over stimulated enough, now we have dozens of social media websites and shopping websites and websites for everything to keep our mind, our eyes and our fingers constantly stimulated even during so called breaks and down time.

It’s like things were built and set up purposely for time consumption to the point where we would finally become just way to busy to care about anything anymore, barely even our own selves or those closest to us.

We’ve hit the point of exhaustion and over stimulation where we just block out the world and block out the deeper underlining issues so that we can keep grinding.

Being too busy could quite possibly be one of the worst things to ever happen to society.

If you’ve been feeling this way, please take some time, make some time somehow to evaluate any areas within you or around you where you can slow down and find or heal a deep rooted issue that has you stressed, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, all of the above and or more.

Can you breathe through the situation and hang on? Does something need to change? Do you or someone you know need to reach out?

If so, please do and please find something to help you get through each day and keep holding on, allow yourself to slow down, let go of the never-ending multitasking mentality and give your body and your mind a break and then maybe you can finally see the world around you for what it really is.

Love and Blessings, Storm.

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