Daily Thoughts, Messes


My desk, it’s always my desk. I’m always working on multiple projects, artwork, writings, both on paper or computer, planning, journaling, planning homeschool for my kids, the list goes on, and then since my desk is by our front door, it ends up becoming a landing spot as well. I can be a bit chaotic when it comes to staying on track so there’s that too.

Sigh, oh how I can’t wait for my own personal office/studio. It won’t be forever so I’m very happy to make due for the time being but I like to spend my days decorating it in my head.
Of course, other parts of the home stay messy as well, I mean, I’m a mom of two in a tiny apartment, I’m constantly working on a project, homeschooling, the laundry never ends and my kiddos use more art and craft stuff then I know what to do with, as well as dragging nature in to our homes (so many rocks!) I mean, what is this thing called a clean house anyway?!

But I guess in the end, it always keeps the energy flowing in our home and I’m grateful to have my own little space no matter what.

What parts of your home or life do you find remain the messiest?
Is it something that needs attending to, or have you welcomed the mess into your daily routine?
No matter which of those two it is, be sure to enjoy the process regardless.
Love and Blessings, Storm.

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