Daily Thoughts, Clothing as Art Form


Clothing is art and we are the canvas. Clothing is an always changing form of art, we can switch it up based on our mood, current style, trend, current issues, we can change it based on what we need to heal, like green when we’re needing grounding or to feel loved, black as a symbol of protection, power or mourning for example.
Our clothes not only reflect our personality, but they reflect our current circumstances as well, whether we choose to or not.
Punk, prep, jock, etc., no money, little money, lots of money, single, coupled, parent life, model, librarian, tattoo artist, teacher, mechanic, lawyer, the list goes on.
They reflect what season it currently is where you live, bundled up or loose and cool clothes, sweaters or swimwear. boots or flip flops.
They also serve as a time capsule, a reflection of our time, what was “in” what was trendy or necessary. Though we weren’t alive yet, we can still see how our ancestors and previous generations dressed.
We get to see the progression, transitions, evolutions, revolutions, creative development, clothing purposes and techniques change.
From hand sewn to machine sewn to factory sewn. From limited colors and fabric, to more choices than you know what to do with. From a very clear separation of genders to a beautiful mixture of whatever you want to wear no matter who you are. From tons of layers, to a few items on your body as possible.

Fashion, clothing, whether out of beauty or necessity, paints a clear picture for us, as we have now entered a time where regardless of trends, you can basically where whatever you want within reason.
I almost feel like we’ve hit an end road to revolutions in clothing (I’m sure that’s not true!) but I just feel that way. I think maybe from here our new transitions will either be to go backwards, as in dressing only for necessity or for rank or nostalgia, perhaps with more limitations again, or, I feel like we might turn clothing into something that doesn’t only cover us, but maybe even fortifies us and feeds our body nutrients on the go. Sounds wild I’m sure, but if toxic chemicals and fabric can make it into our everyday clothing, then why couldn’t healthy oils or vitamins in our fabric become a thing too? We already have aromatherapy and stones and metals that are of high significance to our health when it comes to jewelry. We stick patches onto our skin to get nutrients or to quit a habit. So who’s to say what the future holds for us in fabric.

I’m sure whatever the future holds in clothing, we’ll still be able to create a mood and feeling with what we put on our bodies. Personally, I love the freedom of choosing what I will wear, be it for comfort or necessity or beauty, the options are endless right now and currently we are in a time where almost every generation of style before us is acceptable, which makes me happy since I can express my old soul nature when I want to.

As time progresses, I also become more in touch with the power that color affects us day to day and how we can use it in our clothes, or how we can now use our dollar to support a cause, local or fair-trade, or a movement. We can use our clothes to spread a message, not only by who or where they came from, but by literally stamping a message, on a jacket, shirt, jewelry, even masks in today’s current circumstances which regardless of the nature, I think is extremely powerful since it covers the mouth area, where you use your voice and where you are currently having to hide, so to speak. It’s beautiful that we can find anyway to make our mark in this world.

No matter what your purpose is for your clothing, make sure you it brings you joy in the moment, because it speaks louder than you think sometimes and it reflects your current needs or wants or maybe even someone else’s current needs or wants as well, and what you’re wearing will be apart of a time capsule.

Love and Blessings, Storm.

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