Renew and Live Again

Hello, do you see me?
I'm knocking, do you hear me?
If you let me in, 
will you take me to a place,
I've never been?
A place where my life is not a sin
and I'm here to live and to win.
A new beginning, a new day.
Not a single thing to stand in my way.
A time to renew and live again,
while I sit here with you, my friend,
and dream about what is to be
and write it down, make plans 
to be, forever free. 
Spring is coming, can you feel it?
The warmth will soon be here, 
things come back to life,
and I feel it move my spirit.
I'm ready to thaw,
to shed this winter skin,
and come out of hiding
and begin this journey
and to feel the warmth,
and live again.

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