Free What’s Inside

We feel our body aching
though what we really experience 
is our feelings shaking
and rocking us
back and forth
here and there
all around and everywhere
our emotions want to get out
they want to shout
and tell us what it's all about
but since we mostly ignore them
and push them aside
they linger and ache inside
which causes them to hurt our physical
to try to get through to the subliminal
this is typical, but it isn't simple
just like a child that throws a tantrum
your inner being wants to be heard
and become a reality that isn't so blurred.
Why deny your truth and what you feel
within the very skin you're in?
Shutting yourself down, before you even begin.
And this becomes our first and worst sin
Our first breath of life, all we can do is feel
and as we get older we're conditioned to believe
what we feel isn't real
no it's past tense
childish nonsense
Leave it behind you, let it go.
Well I've grown enough to finally say no
I will not stand aside and deny what's inside
and I will encourage the next ones
to reflect on what we've done
So we can all fix what should have never begun.
Embrace what's inside 
and break the cycle of living a lie
finally, then you and I can truly choose to feel free.

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