Daily Thoughts, Joy in Excess


The one area of my life that I tend to enjoy in excess, I would have to say, is dancing.
Oh of course, my passion is writing and storytelling, I absolutely love watching film and reading, but the reason I think of dancing off the top of my head is because it’s the one thing I do without thinking.
I dance at times while doing other tasks, like cooking or cleaning, I dance with my daughters and my husband, I dance when I’m happy, sad or even mad, but I even dance, or try to dance, when my entire body is just achy from head to toe or I’m completely exhausted.
I’ve found myself dancing many times when I should’ve been resting. I danced on a hurt foot once, an achy knee, I wanted to attempt to dance with a crutch once.
Sometimes I find a way to dance while sitting.

So I guess you could say that I do this act excessively, but it really does bring me joy and I probably couldn’t stop myself from doing it even if I tried. Any beautiful thing that can bring joy and happiness, no matter what it is or what condition you’re in, should be indulged in shamelessly, some way, some how.

What is something that you enjoy in excess? Is it something you do everyday? Or something you wish you could do everyday?

It doesn’t matter how big or how small it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s one thing or many things, or whether it’s time alone or time spent with the ones you love most. As long as what it is, brings you joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Whatever you have planned today, find joy in it, and really dive in.
Love and Blessings, Storm.

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