Voices in Music

Music, it speaks when words aren't enough or you can't find the right words and someone else did for you.
Music adds a mood and tone and deeper feelings to words.
Music is a beautiful memory to the senses.
Music heals, music lives, music lasts forever.

For the longest I lived with no voice, and very little choice to what my life was and where it would go. 
It's been a slow, steady and pretty painful race to get to where I'm at today, but nonetheless I made a way.
To express myself, I vibed to music, to really embrace healing energy, I danced to that music, sang to the music, created my own music and played music. 
This was a very easy outlet for the pain, finding comfort in the voices of the music.

Nowadays, I finally have regained the voice, and new found choices and while I still find sanctuary in the memories of the voices in the music that comforted me and carried me, I have now found my own voice through another outlet, finally ready to emerge, a voice that flows onto pages as words.

And still I will always be grateful and feel tranquil, for the words and the voices, in the beautiful noises that is music.

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