Daily Thoughts, Sweaters


My absolute favorite article of clothing will always be baggy sweaters. It’s like going around wearing a blanket of warmth, that you can hide away in, constantly wrapped around you. Also, they can be worn with most outfits and even in most weather, other than scorching hot summer days, but truth is that I find a good time all year long to wear sweaters. I literally have an entire drawer of them or have one laying around at all times, ready to throw on at any moment.
Casual days around the house, taking a walk outside on a windy day, running errands, cuddling up when the day ends.

And here’s an ode to how they make me feel…

Sweaters, socks and slippers,
bring us warmth and a feeling of cozy.
Add a hot cup of tea,
a good book,
a rainy day.
and maybe some French jazz,
and you can drift away,
on a lazy day,
or a recharge day,
as I like to say.

This is the feeling I get when I throw on my favorite sweater.
What is your favorite article of clothing?
Is it something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Or maybe something that makes you feel cool and breezy?

The next time you go to get dressed, ask yourself, does this bring me joy? Or can I find a way to make the clothes I wear bring me joy?
And always remember to enjoy yourself,
Love and Blessings, Storm.

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