Daily Thoughts, Lazy Days


My favorite way to spend a lazy day will always be to comfortably relax in bed (ideally on a soft rainy day), either watching comedy, romance or classic movies, reading a book, listening to music…or…napping, ah yes, napping.

I really love lazy family days, where we all just lay around together and “veg out”.
Just sitting there enjoying each other’s company while relaxing.

Lazy days should really be called recharge days, after all, they’re healing and can be fun.
And how on Earth do we expect our man made electronic devices to “charge” before being able to work again, yet we as humans expect our own selves to run on empty?

My advise is to take a “recharge day” and moments, quite often.

How do you like to spend a lazy/recharge day?

However you choose to spend it, I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Love and Blessings, Storm.

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