Set Free

Well now, I am free.
because this is no longer me,
I'm ready to just be,
to live, to love,
no insecurities.
I'm letting you go,
little by little.
I'm learning forgiveness,
and how to walk forward.
I'm human, 
so I can still experience pain,
but at the same time,
I'm not.
I'm also free,
and spiritually me,
which means I rise above,
all of this.
I'm saved,
from the wrong I've done,
and from all of the wrong,
that was done against me.
I'm in love,
I'm a lover,
I'm a daughter,
but I'm a mother,
I'm a writer,
I'm a poet,
I'm an artist,
I'm creative.
I'm alive,
I'm happy,
I'm whole,
I'm in peace,
I'm free,
I'm finally, just me.

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