A Time To Give Thanks, A Time To Remember

A time for thanksgiving,
a time to be living,
a time to be joyful, to love, to share,
with those who are closest,
with those that care,
and while we gather here,
it's a time to remember,
a special occasion,
we celebrate a brutal invasion,
of a beautiful culture, a nation,
in which we honor and give appreciation,
for on this land,
on which we stand,
live a people,
who suffered,
so others could recover,
stolen from and killed,
but refused to give up,
because of a strong will,
and so, I'm thankful and eternally grateful,
to be alive,
and to be a part of a strong tribe.
Together we stand,
hand in hand,
with love and support,
for one another again,
during a time to relive,
all of this thanks, we all have to give. 

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