Caught Between Darkness and Light

Caught between darkness and light, 
a seemingly never-ending fight,
Full of panic, hope and fright.
Don't know any other way to describe, 
this black written scribe.
A poem written by someone who feels lost,
and pleads for forgiveness at a cost.
But somehow finds themselves back at square one,
and can't seem to figure out, 
when all of this will finally be done,
and over with.
Holding on to hope,
but it feels like a myth.
Not gonna lie, 
I have constantly wanted to quit.
But the light, the faith,
it pulls at my spirit,
for this, I thank the darkness,
it has it's place and I appreciate the hope,
and the possibilities of holding on,
carrying on and knowing that,
there's beauty in transition,
between darkness and light,
that isn't always scary, 
that isn't always bad.


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