A Little Bit Of Everything

Some days I'm super neat,
and some days I make a  mess.
Some days I just feel cursed,
but most days I know I'm blessed.
Some days I let it all hang out,
and some days I wear I mask.
Some days I just sit and read,
and some days I move and dance.

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
I'm grounded to the Earth,
but my mind and heart is in the air.

This puzzle that I am,
hasn't quite got it all figured out,
but I continue to play,
so I'll know what life's all about.

There are days I regretted my birth,
and days I wished, to fly away from Earth,
but freedom comes from within,
and in the end, I know who will win.

So I take the bad with the good,
even when I feel misunderstood,
knowing this story called life,
ends in a winning fight,
and this ultimately lets me know,
everything will be alright.

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