Fallen Flower

My love for life is like a fallen flower,
deep rooted, it grew over time.
The Sun began to shine,
I was drenched in cleansing rain
as I grew,
and my tears falling from the current pain,
helped me grow too.
I shook off the dirt,
and emerged unhurt, beautiful.
I was ready to blossom.
But as the cold winter rolled in,
it was becoming clear there would soon be a problem.
Oh how I craved the blooming love of spring,
all the essences of life it would bring,
birds sing, children swing.
The heat mixed with a gentle breeze.
But I bloomed a bit late,
immature, not ready,
so these few moments I would appreciate,
until the ice inevitably consumes me,
and hope disappears from my reality. 
Darkness, emptiness, frozen, desolate, cold.
The future feeling unknown.
But the ground is wiped clean,
a new slate, an empty canvas of Earth,
and so we meet again, life and I,
a rebirth.
The Sun visits me and it's harmony,
to feel the warmth on my skin,
I'm blooming brighter and stronger this time.
Things froze and came to an end,
but only until I was healthy, 
and ready to begin living life again.

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