Just try.
Don't let life pass you by.
Don't just say goodbye.
Don't succumb to the pain and the madness.
The hurt and the sadness.
It never ends but neither do the good times.
One comes and the other steps aside.
One can get you through, and one can end it for you.
Stop believing there's only one way out.
There's a higher power waiting to release you.
Don't act like people who seem happy, meditate, pray or laugh aren't dealing with agonizing pain underneath.
They need to convince you and themselves the most that they're okay.
One deep breath.
One prayer to God.
One moment to shut your eyes.
Be alone,
A song,
A friend,
An understanding stranger,
A look or sweet moment with a child,
A touch from someone you love,
It makes the difference.
Reach out,
Please try,
The way I've tried.
Live your life,
Your life matters,
Without you the world goes on, but slowly shatters.
Just try.

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