Trapped in my thoughts,
alone in solitude,
so many things,
plaguing me with darkness.
As the world is exposed,
so is the suppressed pain inside. 
The lies, I've told myself,
that it's not okay to feel,
what I know is real,
but I deeply wished it wasn't true.
I knew this world was bad,
but still, I was had,
by a false sense of kindness and peace.
Love for all,
was built on the pain and suffering,
torture and suppression,
and yet they stand tall,
but soon they all will fall,
the time has come, 
for their knots to be undone.
Lies exposed, truths being told,
a relief. that's bittersweet.
What a time to be alive,
to see it unfold, before our eyes.
No more need to hide,
or cry about painful goodbyes,
because in the end,
all that's been wronged and hurt,
will be on the mend.
And that is our promise,
from the heavens, that we hold on to,
my friend.

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