Dreams That Don’t Make Sense

There once was this guy,
who was kind of shy,
though he tried to act cool,
the girl he liked never knew,
that he wanted to be her guy,
the right kind of guy,
the kind she liked,
the poetry he would write
would make her feel alright.
But the heartbreak came,
before it even began,
when another man messed up his plan.
She fell for the trick,
of which lover came quick,
never holding out for the lover behind the books,
that would constantly give her the look,
of desperation and pain,
of a chance that may never come again.
A love that would never happen,
so intense,
and holding out for a dream, 
that didn't make sense.
But when new love failed her,
there he was.
A knight in hidden armor,
as their love they had to hide,
till she could could run away,
with a new life inside.
A pain you could never describe.
And this love happened fast,
deep and she thought was built to last,
she felt whole, 
and let him in, 
to the depths of her soul,
her journals, her mind, her heart...
The yang to her yin,
a love that was as deep as sin.
But a promise of marriage,
let her know,
this is who she had always been waiting for.
You're my blessing, was his words,
she held him to it.
And she finally ran away, 
she escaped her captivity, 
to find herself and to find his love.
But when she searched,
she found he didn't stay,
he didn't wait...
for her to escape,
and this caused her yet,
another heartbreak,
a mistake,
for now she had been tricked twice,
humiliated and hurt,
for neither was ever worth her time,
and in this moment,
she let go of the dream, of his love, of his promise
for this was a dream, only a dream
never being all that it seemed.

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