A Dream That’s Sure To Last

They say choose your own path,
like it's something bad.
They say live your life, speak your truth,
but when you do,
they get mad.
Follow this, follow that,
be careful, don't be had,
by darkness or rage.
Do what's right,
and you'll be saved.
I look up, I look down,
I search all around,
and still, I feel lost.
I've done what I've been told,
but at what cost?
At what point do I get to say,
enough is enough?
Sometimes I get tired,
of having to be tough.
I want to let my guard down,
from time to time,
but seeing this life, seeing myself, 
seeing you too,
I know it would be a crime,
to try to do that in this lifetime.
So I hold on to the hope and inspiration,
that I have left,
to get me through this life that feels like a test.
A test that I pray to pass,
and a hope of a dream come true,
that's sure to last.

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