The World We Live In

It seems like a battle that never ends,
simply due to the skin we're in.
Why do we cry?
Why do we die?
Why do have to hide,
just to live?
All we ask is to breathe air and to survive and thrive,
and be, human.
But instead we're deprived,
suffering slowly just to get by.
The brown of the Earth is a beautiful thing,
but we're all seen as dirty,
instead of being seen for the life we bring.
We've suffered for stolen land,
with false promises of freedom,
a place to live, a place to stand.
Now we continue to watch even more suffering,
on the land of false hope.
We should've known,
that this would continue to unfold.
Things are hidden, but always there.
We just sit here, most of us unaware.
In time the truth and the peace, 
will once again reign.
But oh, how long must we wait,
till we feel that again?

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