Taking the Plunge

I ran as fast as I could and took the plunge to dive deep within,
but once I was in, I sank,
I realized that I couldn't swim.
So I panicked and gasped for air,
filling my lungs with despair.
I thrashed all around and suddenly there was no sound.
I could feel the pieces of me coming undone,
but my journey underwater had only begun.
As I sank deeper, I looked up and saw a reflection,
eyes looking down,
and I could've sworn God was watching me drown.
I cried and no one knew,
because my tears dissolved into the Ocean blue.
I wondered why,
why did I come here to die?
Why didn't I stay where it was safe?
Up on Earth, a known place.
Instead of this foreign sea, where I was no longer me.
I couldn't see, and things were beginning to blur,
no longer did I know, what was about to occur.
Life images flashing before my eyes,
I slipped into darkness, into the permanent night.
But then I saw a little light,
dim at first sight, but then turned bright.
I decided to rest,
breathe out my last breath, to fully enjoy 
my last view, of the shimmering blue.
How beautiful it was,
how glad I am,
that I didn't miss it.
Right then I released my fear,
it was no longer worth it.
And when things were coming to an end,
I saw another face yet again.
This time familiar, it was my own.
I smiled and I said hello.
Then I smiled back and told myself,
there's something I want you to know,
you're closer than you think,
look around you, you did not sink.
I'm here, which means you're near.
Then I realized, my reflection was waiting on me.
Waiting for me to resurface, before it was too late,
before I took the bait, of fear.
Only once I relaxed and let go,
did the light from the surface, begin to show.
In that moment I put my trust in God,
and then myself and the voice within.
There was always a plan,
I just needed to learn how to float, 
before I could learn how to swim.

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