You See Right Through Me

Even when I laugh or fall in love
You think it’s about you
Like I’m happy or able to love
Outside of you
But all I was doing was filling the void
With unconditional love
To replace the hurt
I’ve always felt so alone
But you say that’s not true
I was never alone
So why do I act and feel that way
Yet another way you have disaknowledged what was inside of me
Who I am.
You can’t understand
Though you try, and say you do
But in fact all you do is look right through
Without seeing the bigger picture
Did you ever see the butterflies I would get?
Did you ever really see the tears I cried?
Did you ever try to understand, why I lied, about the hurt I felt?
Did you see that I was depressed for deeper reasons than just material things you generously provided?
No, it was never about you
But now you’re a part of it.
And that’s okay, it’s okay to have a problem once in awhile
It’s okay to fight
It’s okay to be sad and hurt
And forgive
It’s okay to move on
It’s okay to carry on
And convince yourself that it actually is okay in the end
And that’s what I say now
I am okay, I have always been okay, and will always be okay
Things happen and life carries on
And no matter what, I will be fine
So just let go so we can just be.

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