An Ode to a Soulmate

These feelings I have
are they wrong?
I hope not, cause these are feelings
I've had for too long.
It's too late to turn back,
the way you make me feel,
you take the things I lack
and turn them into beautiful imperfections.
Things that I can learn from,
I can take a lesson.
The love you give 
takes my breath away
but it's also fresh air to breathe
it's a way of life
a way to live.
I want to cross this bridge,
the bridge that stands between us
a distance that seems impossible 
you make it seem a little more cross-able.
Whatever it is you got it
a love I just can't quit,
no, I don't regret it
though I must admit it,
there were days I did,
days where I wished I had hid
and stayed away,
but those days are gone
and this love is here to stay.
The love of my life
the love of my heart
the love of my soul
one to call soulmate 
a love you can not just create
a love you can not just make.
a love that just is
something that has and will always exist.
When something is meant to be  
it's already there
the problem is that some people, 
just don't care.
I wonder how many loves
go unloved 
how many soulmates 
lose each other
or miss each other or never meet,
pure defeat.
What a loss
a huge cost
to pass up
that reminds me...
to thank God we met
this is something we can not disrupt
so glad we found each other,
whether we are or are not lovers,
because our love is so strong,
we're more than that.
You take me to the top.
I've been waiting for you for so long,
come with me and come at me my love,
because I don't ever want you gone.

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