Missing Yesterday

Do you ever miss someone so much that you get angry at them?

Like how dare you live so far away, and how dare you live your life without letting me have a moment of your time. How dare you make me wait on a phone call or a text, how dare you be so busy while away. How dare we have separate daily lives and separate daily tasks. How dare you not need me anymore, and how dare I for not needing you either, sometimes. How dare we have different careers and how dare we have kids who don’t know each other. How dare you not continue to obsess over me the way I do you. How dare you not let me know when you’ve heard a song that reminds you of me, but then, how dare I for not doing the same. How dare you have a new friend, how dare you tell them you love them. How dare you just be a photo on a screen now, with no voice behind it anymore. How dare you be gone. How dare we move on and move forward right?

But alas, this is life, and what is life without accepting that nothing stays the same, even if we live a similar day twice, the day itself is never the same day, it doesn’t come back or repeat, it just moves on. Whether it was good or bad, it just moves on. It can’t help itself, that’s how it was made.

But the general rule still applies, the sun rises, and the sun sets and the moon comes out, even when you can’t see it, it’s there.

Just as the general rule still applies to the love and pain inside of a heart, inside of us. We may not always show it, and the day may come and go, but it’s still there.

You will always be loved and you will also always be the hurt that lies within someone else as well. How dare we try to ignore that.

I have love and pain inside, sometimes I hide it and other days I wallow in it, it feels the same but everyday is a new day, and I look forward to tomorrow, but I will always miss yesterday.

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