Season Of Love

You call it fall
I call it falling for you
They call it pumpkin season
And I just call you pumpkin
Everyone gets excited for hayrides and fair rides
And I’m excited just to take another ride with you
The trees turn colors, yellow, red and orange.
Every time a red leaf falls, I imagine my heart falling for you more and more each day, each year…
I pull a sweater on to stay warm out in the cold and I imagine its your arms around me, holding me tight
The wind blows sweetly and I hear your voice, like the way you whisper in my ears
When the cool rain sets in, I think of the days we danced in the rain, and the laughs we shared underneath the ledge of a bookstore in the early mornings.
And during the season of being thankful, I was thankful to be looking into your eyes as we united our lives.
And the cold weather goosebumps remind me of the goosebumps you give me everday
The smell and the warmth of hot apple cider and cocoa that we would drink as we walked hand in hand in a lit up garden under the night sky.
You came into my life and truly made it the most wonderful time of the year.
When two unlikely people came together in a less than perfect situation, a family was instantly created by the hands of God truly
Hard times became the best times and though hard times carry on, we face it side by side
So while everyone has their own celebration every autumn season,
I take this time to celebrate our own, season of love.

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