You and I

What did we come from to get here?
Why is it when I'm near you things feel fuzzy,
yet become so clear?
You had your own life and I had mine
up until the day we became intertwined.
Now we're two halves of a whole life
and I was ready to be your wife.
I lay here in pain
feeling stained, from the past of hurt and hell
but you stand here next to me understanding very well
what it's like to feel this way
and why it is that some days I want to run away.
You support the fact that I may need your every presence
and then immediately need some distance
we don't always see eye to eye
and at times it makes me cry
but we find a middle ground
to stand on, a lovely imperfection to be found
both from broken or uneasy families
it's not always easy to be
how we feel we should be
while on this journey we call life
a pair, a family, a unit,
we try to stand strong,
for the little ones after us who have to carry on
I pray we make it
I pray we figure it out
I pray you and I will know what it's all about
to fulfill our own needs as well as those we love
because each of us are strong on our own
but together, you and I rise above.

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