A Groovy Kind of Beauty

In my heart,
in my soul,
is a love song,
an old song,
a classic.
Such a strong feeling,
nothing else has it.
It inspires me,
to be happy, it's lovely.
In a world full of ugliness,
when you see my spear,
a flower will be tied to it,
from a garden full of thorns,
where a rose grows,
and I go,
dig my toes in the sand
and let the sea water
flow under my hand.
In a world full of can'ts
I can,
and I am,
as I sit here and laugh.
To those who can't handle a smile,
stay with me awhile,
and soon you will,
stop looking at the bill,
of what life costs,
and start spending it, endlessly, happily.
Get the picture?
Or should I recite it in scripture?
In this moment,
feel the warmth, truly,
for something as groovy,
as this life full of beauty.

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