Late Night Laughs

It's late night, sleep calls my name but still I sit with eyes wide open.
It's difficult to drift off with ideas floating all around.
It's difficult to drift off when you've waited so long for silence.
I keep myself feeling alive by making myself laugh
listening to humor, listening to the brighter sides of life.
To make someone smile is the ultimate reward,
How I love to see the wrinkles
around the face of a content and happy soul.
How I love to hear the sound of joy,
even if only for a moment.
The feeling is weightless,
for a moment you're floating and free
And to say this should not be made a priority, is ridiculous.
No, stay focused, no, stop kidding around,
no, leave childish things alone,
for they won't accomplish anything.
But when you take your last breaths,
will you first remember and reminisce,
the hours you spent working hard,
especially for another individual,
that never even asked how you are?
Or will you remember the times you laughed and felt real joy,
a moment of happiness,
maybe a moment of love,
because to feel free is to feel what true love is.
So today, take a moment to laugh and feel free,
for these moments, are the ones that mean the most,
the ones that last a lifetime, and linger like a ghost.

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