I Hope

Can I trust you?
I hope I'm not in over my head.
I hope I don't overwhelm you,
I hope you understand.
When I'm not around you,
I miss you.
But when I'm with you,
it's like everything is right,
and I can't stand to be apart.
I can see us in the future,
and I hope that's the way it will be.
Even if we're apart for a little while,
I hope and I pray,
that it will not stand in our way.
I hope to be with you forever,
and I hope we start some great things together.
If our love will stand the test of time,
then you will always be mine.
I love you, I do.
I've got so many things to say,
but so little time.
And sometimes I'm afraid,
to tell you everything that's on my mind.
Until the time comes,
to tell you everything,
I love you is all I can say.
So let's keep this thing going,
me and you,
let's keep it this way.
For our love,
I hope and I pray.

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