Something to Say

This is a song, a song that has to be written,

it can’t be lost or its something we’ll be missin’.

Don’t hold back or take it back,

it’s something to be said and we should listen.

Never miss a beat, put it on repeat, don’t accept defeat,

not when you have something to say.

So don’t let them tell you to put it away.

Bring it back, do a dance, let it out.

If it’s love, then let there be romance,

if it’s hurt, then let there be pain,

if it’s an accomplishment, then there’s no loss, let there be gain,

if it’s happiness, then let there be joy,

if it’s a message, then let it be heard, let it annoy.

It’s something you can’t avoid.

Someone’s bound to hate, and be irate,

to anything you have to say.

So make it heard, and spread the word,

Do your thing, don’t let people stand in your way, and hate.

If it’s not your style, then leave it alone,

don’t make your judgments known.

Just always remember, you’re not alone,

there are others, like you and me,

and we’re all meant to be,

and say what we mean and stay.. and never fade away.

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