Life in a Storm

A place to dive into a mixture of reality and fantasy, real life and fiction, for the moments when you need to curl up with a good story, and the moments when you need to come back down to Earth.

A gentle and calming rainstorm, a loud and powerful thunderstorm, and a splash of color when the rainbow finally comes.

Join me in the dramatic black and white reality and the fun colorful moments too, this is a Life in a Storm.

A Time To Give Thanks, A Time To Remember

A time for thanksgiving,
a time to be living,
a time to be joyful, to love, to share,
with those who are closest,
with those that care,
and while we gather here,
it's a time to remember,
a special occasion,
we celebrate a brutal invasion,
of a beautiful culture, a nation,
in which we honor and give appreciation,
for on this land,
on which we stand,
live a people,
who suffered,
so others could recover,
stolen from and killed,
but refused to give up,
because of a strong will,
and so, I'm thankful and eternally grateful,
to be alive,
and to be a part of a strong tribe.
Together we stand,
hand in hand,
with love and support,
for one another again,
during a time to relive,
all of this thanks, we all have to give. 

Caught Between Darkness and Light

Caught between darkness and light, 
a seemingly never-ending fight,
Full of panic, hope and fright.
Don't know any other way to describe, 
this black written scribe.
A poem written by someone who feels lost,
and pleads for forgiveness at a cost.
But somehow finds themselves back at square one,
and can't seem to figure out, 
when all of this will finally be done,
and over with.
Holding on to hope,
but it feels like a myth.
Not gonna lie, 
I have constantly wanted to quit.
But the light, the faith,
it pulls at my spirit,
for this, I thank the darkness,
it has it's place and I appreciate the hope,
and the possibilities of holding on,
carrying on and knowing that,
there's beauty in transition,
between darkness and light,
that isn't always scary, 
that isn't always bad.


What is Freedom?

Freedom is a word, a liberty,
an illusion received at birth,
but freedom doesn't come for free,
No, freedom is fought for or earned,
and as you grow, 
this you'll know,
but you'll also find that sometimes,
freedom is hope,
freedom is a moment of trust,
freedom is a good night's sleep,
freedom is not living in fear,
not living in pain,
freedom is fully being able to be yourself,
no restrictions,
freedom is walking outside feeling safe,
rather than in danger,
freedom is like floating or flying,
freedom is weightless,
freedom is a moment of relief,
and a moment of joy,
and knowing these moments,
these precious things, 
don't always last forever,
will make you embrace them, so much more.

Rainy Day, Come and Stay

Rainy days. rainy days,
I will not ask you to go away,
in fact I ask and I beg,
to please come and stay,
instead of visiting another day.
These days are made for warm tea and coffee,
a good day for a soft symphony,
to relax in bed,
or to find a good covering for your head,
as you dash quickly to where it's warm,
from the scattering storm.
I dripping melody,
with the occasional boom,
of the sky's drum,
a bath, a shower for the Earth,
natural luxury.
A much needed cleansing,
for the ground we walk on,
needs relief, needs a drink,
and always a heavenly blessing.

She Dances

She dances,
like the trees swaying in the wind,
she dances.
Like the leaves twirling as they fall,
she dances.
Like a flowing river,
she dances.
Like rapid waterfalls,
she dances.
Like the tidal waves in the ocean,
she dances.
Like the wind that blows through your hair,
she dances.
Like the rain that drips down a leaf on a tree,
she flows as she dances.
Like a flickering flame,
in constant movement,
she dances.
Like the stars that glitter in the sky,
she shines as she dances.
Under the moonlight,
she is free, the epitome of beauty,
a Goddess of grace,
as she dances.

Messy Me

I’m a mess sometimes, it’s true…

But the whole truth is, I’m filled with many layers, and it takes awhile to peel them all and reveal what all is going on deep inside.

On the outside, there’s no missing that I am a bit of a mess. An organized mess if you will, since I stay buried in my half written bullet journals. My hair is frizzy, makeup only ever half on or thrown on in a hurry when I actually get around to it, you can still see the bags under my eyes regardless, I mostly live in comfort clothes but I keep pretty things because I adore getting dressed up and the theatrical side of me remembers that play-acting and story telling will always be a part of who I am even if it only comes out in small thrown together moments that frankly could be better. I’m pretty much your stereotypical stay at home mom/eccentric artist that lives in a whirlwind of mess, creativity, sleepless nights and early mornings, good days, bad days, still throwing bits and pieces of my life together to create a work of art as I get through this thing called life. It just takes a little time and practice to figure out this canvas I suppose..

Indigenous Day

What once was ours,
you took away,
you tried so hard to take it away,
and have it your way.
Erased history to make it your day,
but together we stand,
hand in hand,
to get back in your way,
on this blessed land,
with history, life and a people,
that can never be erased.
We are here,
no we never left,
and we're not going anywhere...
I hope we've made this truth, very clear.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Some days I'm super neat,
and some days I make a  mess.
Some days I just feel cursed,
but most days I know I'm blessed.
Some days I let it all hang out,
and some days I wear I mask.
Some days I just sit and read,
and some days I move and dance.

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
I'm grounded to the Earth,
but my mind and heart is in the air.

This puzzle that I am,
hasn't quite got it all figured out,
but I continue to play,
so I'll know what life's all about.

There are days I regretted my birth,
and days I wished, to fly away from Earth,
but freedom comes from within,
and in the end, I know who will win.

So I take the bad with the good,
even when I feel misunderstood,
knowing this story called life,
ends in a winning fight,
and this ultimately lets me know,
everything will be alright.